The Bravest Guy

A True Story of Overcoming Seemingly Impossible Odds


A remarkable story of war, recovery, and triumph. If there is one book that will get you off the ground and make you press ahead, this is the book.
~ Harry E. Wedewer, Author

Reader Reviews:
“The Bravest Guy is a book that one just can’t put down.”

“Wow. Amazing story of a Soldier living life after losing both legs and vision during WWII. General Sherman said “War is hell.” This book reveals that the real hell is the aftermath of war. PFC Wedewer (the author’s father) walked through hell carrying two buckets of gasoline, spat on the devil, and went on with life.”

“I started it on the plane to Florida yesterday and didn’t want to put it down. I laughed, cried . . . . “

“Great book! The men of the “Greatest Generation” do not talk much about themselves. This book fills in the gaps and exposes a principled gentleman, father, soldier, truly the Bravest Guy.”

Midwest Review of Books:
“An extraordinary and captivating story of a soldier whose mission of service to others continued for the whole of his life, The Bravest Guy is highly recommended.”